Behind the Scenes: Svadhyaya or Self Study

If you have followed my work for a few years, you have probably heard me describe myself a few different ways.


Social Worker.

Maternal Health Researcher.

Yoga Therapist.


There were times when I doubted that these passions, each with a unique skillset and scope of practice, could ever be woven together.

In the back of my mind, I knew that they influenced each other.

I just hadn’t figured out in what specific ways.

Or how to confidently articulate this connection to others.


If you primarily think of me as a yoga therapist (as many of my students and clients do!) you might be surprised to learn that…


I taught on the evenings and weekends for several years, while my days were dedicated to the public health world working directly with patients in community health center settings.

In fact, I’ve never taught more than 3 classes per week – ever!

That’s a rarity for most yoga teachers.


Although my expertise as a social worker and researcher were (and still are as I write this) my “bread and butter,” my work as a yoga therapist has become an integral part of my professional identity.


I recently took the time for some svadhyaya (self study) as I wrote a blog post for one of my favorite yoga education website, Sequence Wiz.

Check out what I learned, and how you can use this process for your own professional clarity, in this guest post.