3 self care tips for solopreneurs

3 self care tips for solopreneurs

Between running a business and household and raising a tiny human, I could use a little extra self-care to keep me sane.

These are some of my favorite self massage exercises. You can do this in between creating content at the computer, goal setting for the next few months, and wrapping up  projects. Sound too good to be true?

Well my friend, it’s that good, and very true. And, in case you didn’t catch it the first time I said it, these are all simple to do!

These 3 tips cover key areas that might be feeling that extra pressure of the end-of-the-year grind: your wrists, shoulders, and hips.

And the best part? You can do them in those 5 minute breaks in between Pomodoros … and if you aren’t sure what a Pomodoro is, then you definitely need to keep reading. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method (developed by an Italian man, if you couldn’t tell by the name!) focused on uninterrupted 25 minutes spurts of productivity sandwiched in between 5 minute rest periods. I learned about it in The Fired Up and Focused Challenge from The Yogipreneur and it rocked my world for two reasons. The first is obvious – productivity. The second is less obvious, but equally awesome. The 5 minute intervals were the perfect time to build in self-care: a little pranayama, some self massage, or sometimes, a much needed savasana. And after three rounds of 25 minute Pomodoros is when you get a longer break, between 15-30 minutes. When you have been working hard on a project, that long break sometimes seriously feels like a vacation.

So my friends, time to give your wrists a little release, squeeze the tension out of your shoulders, and stretch those legs.

Tip 1: Prevent claw hand from too much typing

Before you set your first pomodoro timer, take a few minutes to give those hands and wrists some TLC. They are about to clickety-clack on the keyboard for a while, and I think we all agree that its doesn’t feel so good when your hand ends up in that claw-like shape after a long day at the computer. This video shows you how to prevent it.

Tip 2: Work the kinks out of the shoulders

After your first pomodoro, your 5 minute break is all about the shoulders. Let’s face it, concentration gets the best of us and before we know it we are hunched over the screen with our neck stuck out like a turtle. Yeah, that’s gonna not feel so good after a while. My favorite remedy for sore neck and shoulders is a technique I call The Trapezius Pinch.

Tip 3: Get up and out of that chair

You have been sitting for an hour now, so its time to stretch the hip flexors. In case you hadn’t heard, sitting is the new smoking, and while it may not be directly correlated with cancer, it will give you back pain. ‘Nuff said, nobody likes back pain. Get your therapeutic stretch for the hips here.

The Grand Finale

After your third Pomodoro its time for a mini-celebration. Give yourself a high-five, a pat on the shoulder, do a happy dance, but whatever you do, DO NOT sit right back down for the next round! Even if you are on a roll, take your longer break!!! Your brain needs it, your body needs it. Maybe it’s a restorative yoga pose, a walk outside, or a short, balancing, pranayama practice.