The Nitty Gritty Details behind running my consulting + coaching business

I’ve always been somewhat of a Nosy Nelly.

Catching glimpses into other people’s lives is fascinating to me.

I can never learn enough about how others think, make decisions, and perceive things.

And while I can definitely see how being all up in somebody’s business could be annoying to those who are being, it worked out pretty well for me in terms of a profession.


Understanding the details of a story is a skill I use every day as a social worker and maternal health researcher.


Who would have thought I could be paid to be naturally curious!

It makes sense though.

I have to understand problems inside and out if I am going to help figure out solutions.


If you have worked with me, you know I ask A LOT of questions. It makes me good at what I do.


When I began to think about starting my own private practice, I donned my Nosy Nelly hat and put this skill set to use.

I read as much as a could about being a “solopreneur”

I spent hours on other people’s blogs trying to figure out what was going on behind the scenes.

And just like with my career as a public health professional, understanding the ins and out of business has been a critical part of mapping out my own journey.

And boy has it been a journey!


When my colleague Gemma Sands announced that she was looking for women business owners to share their perspective and unique experience of building a business, I jumped at the chance.

She poses some pretty intimate questions, but in the interest of putting myself out there, I’m answering them here!

You’ll notice that I go into detail about my self care and how it helps me, personally and professionally.


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