A day in the life: work, play, food, and family

When my friend Kate Connell of You & the Yoga Mat first invited me to contribute to her “A Day in the life” series I was a little nervous.

I don’t think my life is all that exciting.


It consists of the usual mix of activities related to work, play, food, and family.


Contrary to popular belief, just because I live by the beach doesn’t mean I spend every day frolicking in the waves!


Catching a glimpse of the ocean twice a week is pretty good for me.

Of course, the occasional “staycation” doesn’t hurt.

My favorite thing is being able to take a whole day (and sometimes overnight) to drive to one of the nicest beaches around here and really unplug for a bit.


If I had a magic wand, those leisurely beach days would happen once a week!


Right now, because I am building my business and still working as a consultant, its about once a month.

But I’ll take it : )

Until I get to that once a week staycation reality, I make an effort to build self care practices into each and every day.

A morning ritual.

Ayurvedic dinacharya.

Sitting down with my husband for a mid-day meal.

An occasional afternoon coffee shop trip.


These are the self care practices that keep me grounded.

Read on to check out an honest (albeit unglamorous!) peek into a day in my life.


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