5 podcast episodes every entrepreneur should listen to while planning their maternity leave

1. Megan Hale Episode #59 Megan Hale with Special Guest Hannah Poles 


Megan shares her simple plan to focus her maternity leave planning efforts on 5 areas: Visibility, Growth, Revenue, Support, Non-negotiables


2. All Up in Your Lady Business Episode #61


Hosts podcast Jessica and Jaclyn discuss what they do in order to prepare for time away from their business.


3. Boss-Mom Episode #104


Yours truly chats with host Dana Malstaff about preparing your business’ most valuable asset (aka YOU) for motherhood, and why a transition plan is vital to your health and your business’ growth.


4. Off the Charts


Nathalie Lussier has two short and fantastic episodes addressing hiring your team and preparing for leave  that dive right into the technical parts of preparing your business and life for baby.


5. Biz Chix Episode #226


Recorded LIVE by Natalie Ekdahl, Elsie Escobar, Jessica Kupferman, Jessica Rhodes and Katie Krimitsos at Podcast Movement where they discuss the challenges of balancing motherhood and business.


Want more resources about planning your maternity leave? Check out The Expecting Entrepreneur.