Podcasting about maternity leave, birth, postpartum, and heading back to work

In the months leading up to my son being born, podcasting became one of my favorite ways to consume information. I didn’t have to venture out of the house to networking events, show up on camera, or interact in real time. I could — literally — lie in bed and listen.


And I did. A lot.


After he was born, my love of podcast listening continued I would pop in my earbuds while walking to daycare pick up, doing dishes, laundry, or driving.


It also became one of my favorite ways to share information. I decided to stop traveling to conferences as regularly with an infant, and showing up on podcasts became a fantastic way to respond to speaking requests.


These are some of my favorite topics and episodes I’ve recorded:


Building your postpartum support network is an area that I have specialized in, as well as personally benefited from. I dive deep into why it’s important and how to do it well in a guest episode of Mom & Mind, hosted by Dr. Kat Kaeni.


The nuts and bolts of planning for maternity leave are by far the most widely shared episodes that I have recorded with the ladies at Being Boss, the Courage and Clarity podcast, and the Start Up Pregnant podcast


Lastly, I have had the opportunity to share my own experience of birth and postpartum in Mexico on the Motherbirth and Doing it at Home podcasts. That was truly special, and I find that those windows into the intimate details of people’s lives and transitions into motherhood are so key.


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