How to keep your body happy while rockin’ your sling

How to keep your body happy while rockin’ your sling

We all have a dominant side.

You write and eat with a preferred hand.

You might kick a ball or climb stairs with a preferred leg.

And while one side may be a little stronger, you probably don’t feel like one side of your body is totally different than the other


Until you bought (insert drumroll here)…

The. One. Shoulder. Baby. Sling.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for baby wearing! I know you did your homework and due diligence to figure out which was the right sling for you and your baby.


You looked up which ones are best for baby’s hips.

Maybe you bought more than one to test out (no shame!)

You probably even watched some videos to figure out how to get the darn thing on.


Time well spend, you definitely don’t want that precious cargo slipping right out.


And the first few weeks, it was glorious.

You could smell your baby, cuddle your baby, maybe even feed the baby — all with a latte in hand.



As your baby has grown heavier you might have noticed that the shoulder with the sling on it is not too happy.

Come to think of it, the carrying hip isn’t the happiest camper either.

And oh, what’s that? Your low pain pain is feeling a little tweaky too?


These aches, pains, and weird tweaks were not mentioned in the pamphlet with the smiling mom on the front!

And they weren’t in the YouYube videos you watched to learn how to do this right!


Fear not, my friend, this sequence is for you.

We’ll work the shoulders, the side waist, the low back.

It’s the sling-wearing mama trifecta. And it’s only 6 minutes long. 

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