8 Household Chores to Outsource (So You Can Focus on Your Business!)

8 Household Chores to Outsource (So You Can Focus on Your Business!)

Grocery shopping

Many major grocery stores now have the option to shop online and have your groceries delivered to your home. Huge time saver and a potential money saver – I mean how many times do you realize you made impulse buys when putting the groceries away that you really could have done without?


Meal prep

There’s a few routes you could take with this one: 1) hiring someone to come prep (at your home or theirs) or 2) using a meal prep service that sends weekly ingredients. Do the math on which makes most financial sense for you – both can save you at least 10 hours of work a week!



Never deep scrubbing a toilet again might be the best gift you can give yourself! You can usually find a coupon for a local cleaning service, or ask around for recommendations for a local cleaner that you can hire for a test run


Bulk non-perishable purchasing

Keep your non-perishables (diapers, toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, etc) on an automated purchasing option on Amazon Prime Pantry. This takes some testing to figure out how often you need these to be delivered but once you have found that sweet spot, it feels great to know you will never have to make an emergency run for diapers again!



Let’s be real, you are probably the one keeping tabs on the household expenses (in addition to everything else you do), so how about passing it on or automating to some degree? Consider upgrading to a local/online bookkeeper or using a software like Bench, Wave, or YNAB.



Who would want to do your laundry? Consider asking your cleaning lady, nanny, partner, or older child to put this on their plate. One less thing for you to do will make a difference!


Lawn care/landscaping

One of those things you get all excited about doing until about 3 weeks into taking care of it and realizing…it’s freaking hard work and exhausting! Hire an entrepreneurial neighborhood teen or a local company to do this on a monthly basis.


Miscellaneous Errands

How much time do you spend carving out time to run little errands here and there to the bank, post office, various bills that can’t be paid online? A personal assistant can be trained to complete these tasks as they arise – they don’t have to be a full-time hire, maybe a college student who needs a side job, or a babysitter who is looking for extra work. Placing ads locally for this type of help is a great route to take.


Want more resources about outsourcing & hiring help? Check out Chapter 9 of The Expecting Entrepreneur.