Eight life and business hacks to help you save time

Sometimes, it’s the small things that count most.

If you’ve ever done a time tracking exercise (I make all my MLP clients do it!) you know that it can be shocking to see how time gets eaten up by the littlest things. Those small things add up, right?!

So today, I am sharing eight of the best hacks I have heard entrepreneurs who are also mothers implement in their life to cut down on wasted time.


1. Nair.

Yes, take it back to the 90s and slather it all over. Saves you the appointment time and trip to the esthetician.


2. Rubber gloves in the kitchen.

Put them on when preparing meat (steak, chicken, meatballs) to cut down on hand washing time. Bonus: you can rip them off pretty quickly if a little someone needs your attention!


3. Diaper stations all over the house.

How many times have you run upstairs or downstairs to get a diaper, wipes, clean clothes? Place them strategically all over the house and eliminate the back and forth.


4. “Too small” basket

Keep a basket in your child’s room and every time you realize a clothing item is too small, toss it in! No more sorting through drawers periodically to figure out what still fits.


5. Dry shampoo

Need I say more?


6. When traveling, make breakfast easy.

Order room service for breakfast when traveling with children. Cut down on hangry meltdowns that get in the way of actually getting out of the door.


7. Mini-fridge in office

So many benefits! Keep yourself hydrated, nourished, and keep time spent in search of a snack to a minimum.


8. Multiple phone chargers

How many times have you run around trying to remember where you last placed your charger as your phone begins to lose its last bit of battery? Instead, place chargers in every room that you spent a lot of time and try to build the habit of plugging the phone in as soon as you walk into the room.


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